Welsh Literature and Modern Media - Welsh Literature and Modern Media

Welsh Literature and Modern Media

According to Wikipedia -

" Welsh literature may be used to refer to any literature originating from Wales or by Welsh writers."

Much of our works are unknown outside of Wales. Well that certainly used to be the case especially as most of it was written in the Welsh Language. The modern era with enormous advances in communications technology is changing the face of almost all aspects of our lives, and the scribblings of an ancient poet, the results of hammering on the typewriter and nowadays the magical appearence of a novel from the almost mystical powers of wordprocessors - all can expect greater exposure.

The works of many of our most famous authors can be seen not only in book format but also in high tech versions available on the internet or on electronic readers such as the Amazon Kindle, the Sony eReader, the Barnes and Noble Nook plus a plethora of similar devices. A Staggering fact recently published (June 2011) is that Amazon in now selling more ebooks than all other printed formats combined!

Another technology that is likely to have a major impact on the way we consume material is that of Audiobooks..
The market for audio books has been growing over the past few years. The popularity of iPod and MP3 players has attracted a new generation of audio book customers, many of them have not bought an audio book on tapes or CDs before. 

Some book publishers even predicted that audio books would outsell paperback books or e-books one day. This trend is understandable considering that audio books do provide many advantages over paperback books.

Gone of the days when audiobooks where perceived to be 'books for the blind' and only available on unreliable cassette formats. Today Audiobooks are appearing even in the local library in CD, mp3 devices and even directly available to download.

Our EBOOK section not only gives a good selection of titles already available, but also explains many of the formats and devices. Videos are included to help visualise some of the devices.

For budding authors there is also a page on self publishing-  an almost guaranteed  way to get your book published at no cost. (Kindle format).

The purpose of this site is to help 'put the case' of Wales and its wonderful and rich literature. To make it easy for people not only in this country but also in the great worldwide web out there, to enjoy some of our famous and not so famous writers. It is also to encourage existing and would be authors to take advantage of modern media to extend their reach in the marketplace

Each of our featured authors will include their works in hardback, paperback, Audiobook, Kindle format, and even video if available.

Some information from Wikipedia